Advocacy & Community Mobilization

ACEF will act as a facilitator to government and private institutions/structured to give active support to social and economic rights of all it’s members.

The youths will also be mobilized towards playing active role in government, community development and in taking part in decisions that affect their well-being at local, state and national level.

Enterprise Development

The economic well-being of youths and widows is paramount concern of ACEF. We believe that the empowerment of youths and widows will reflect on the economic of the nation and enable our members to better care for their own health as well as that of their families and communities

The enterprise development programme of ACEF affords all our  members the opportunity to undergo 4 weeks intensive training in business startup and development; participants of this programme are linked with financial institutions for small loans and 6 months of coaching by ACEF to enable them start their business, manage it and remain self reliance


The other components of the enterprise development programme  are consultancy and training; we have carried out training/consultancy for several organizations and individuals, training on proposal writing and report writing, strategy of project management, business management have been carried out for organizations like European Union, Ondo State government while feasibility study on sachet water production, candle production, garri and palm oil processing mills have been prepared for individuals and Iloro community in Owo LGA, Ondo State Nigeria

Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDS Education

This programme is based on the premise that the health and well-being of our members are closely linked with their economic status. An investment in health of our members will provide a productive human being for better economic development

ACEF have embarked on campaign to create awareness aimed at reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and creating access to information on reproductive health among youths, widows and women of reproductive age

Research & Documentation

ACEF is committed to the promotion of research work using modern techniques and tools,and as part of our obligation to humanity, we will continue to facilitate the benefit of shared learning among NGOs, CBOs by encouraging exchange of ideas, experiences and skills, reducing duplication of intervention or services and putting all this findings in newsletter, journal, tape, CD, Video etc to be shared among development agencies across the globe through the internet, in meeting/conference

ACEF carrid out a research work in collaboration with quality Life Project for National Women Coalition Against HIV/AIDS in the month of February, 2010 to determine the access of positive women, youths and men to treatment and drugs, HIV/AIDS education and knowing their access to income generating activities etc

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  1. u ppl are doing a good work, the holy book says , he who stooped is hear from d crying of the poor , he also will cry and will not be heard, and this is what is required of us from d scripture that this is the type of fast i recognize to loose the bondage of oppression, visit the fatherless and show mercy to the widow.
    good work bros. keep it up

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