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The Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Her Majesty Queen’s Elizabeth R II was a block buster, hilarious, tantalizing and memorable event that has went down into archive of history. The Nigeria Big Jubilee Lunch held on June 3rd, 2012 at a Itaogbolu small community Akure North LGA, Ondo State Nigeria with 110 participants.

The event was declared opened at about 4.00p.m with opening prayer said by Catechist Arije Raphael, introduction of guest and overview of JTC, The Big Lunch and relevance of commonwealth to member countries by the Big Luncher for Nigeria Mr. Olusola Bamidele George was informative, educative and eye opener.

The explanation of the invitation by Royal Commonwealth Society to people across Uk and the world to share their memories, stores and events of the last 60 years with the Jubilee Time Capsule to create a digital Diamond Jubilee gift for the Queen, the total number of 66, 578 entries submitted by 66, 578 from 66 countries into the JTC dazed and flabbergasted the young people, NGO representative and widow group present. The extension of submission of entries till September, 2012 and opportunity to WIN iPod through entries submitted were welcome and embraced by the young people.   

The Project Jubilee Time Capsule, the Big Jubilee Lunch are synonymous and is a good news to see the BIG Jubilee Lunch held in 70 countries including Nigeria and in 9,500 streets in the UK with supports from Eden Project, Royal Commonwealth, Master Card, BBC Radio Services, National Express etc, this monumental achievement is possible just because Royal Commonwealth Society took the courage and bold steps to celebrate Her Majesty Queen’s Elizabeth II in Styles.

The Nigeria Big Jubilee Lunch has encouraged community spirit, brought young people, women, widow’s artisan, children from different background and culture to mark the historic Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Her Majesty Queen’ Elizabeth II as head of the Commonwealth.

The goodwill message by Mrs. Bukola Coast-Ufeli an NGO representative and National Coordinator of Youth for Christ Nigeria said people learn from history in time past but civilization has made people to forget about learning from history; she therefore encourage young people to embrace the JTC opportunity to make record by sending historically entries. The efforts of Queen’s Elizabeth II in promoting peace and unity; and economic and social development among commonwealth countries is encouraging and deserved the applause she is receiving through the Diamond Jubilee Celebration across UK and beyond.

The Big Jubilee Lunch Dance electrify and pump up the atmosphere with excitement as the Guest Artist Real One and Kiss Me of Jagunlabi Entertainment Squad thrilled and drilled young people, women, widows and children with Eje Kalowoke, Omoyetunde, Aye Nlo, Jagunlabi and Olohun Loke lo damisi songs that has blend of western and Africa lyrics. 

The Big Jubilee Lunch group photograph took place immediately after the dance with participants wearing the Big Jubilee Lunch T-Shirts and video coverage of the event by Mr. Niyi Adu of the Media Action for MDG coordinated by Mr. Tunde Fajimbola gave a superb coverage of the event.

The English saying of “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” is a saying that lost is value after a hard work of preparing the stage to the Big Jubilee Lunch Dance and presentations, finally the table was set for participants to share fun and eat together; and food items such as Chilled drinks, Biscuit of different type and sizes and nutritious floor ChiChi baked by a professional caterer were served during the Big Jubilee Lunch.

Long live Queen’s Elizabeth II, Nigeria Big Jubilee Lunch is superb, We are ready to be part of the commonwealth under the reign of Her Majesty, Kudos to JTC, The Big Lunch and other partners for supporting Her Majesty Diamond Jubilee Celebration were few of the comments of the 110 participants that attended the Big Jubilee Lunch.

The event was brought to a close with opening prayer said by Catechist Arije Jayaola at about 6p.m



The Big Lunch is an Eden Project initiative encouraging people across the UK and commonwealth countries to have Lunch with their neighbors, as a simple act of community, friendship and fun. The Big Lunch can be big or small and take place in the street, garden, park or community venue; just about anywhere you can get together and share lunch and conversation.

The reasons for carrying out this year 2012 Big Lunch are;

  • To encourage community spirit, We call it human warming
  • To make our communities friendlier, greener, safer place to live
  • To celebrate this historic occasion of her majesty Queen’s Elizabeth R II 60th years reign as Head of Commonwealth Countries and make memories together
  • To get to know our neighbors and people from different generations and backgrounds that live near us

This year’s event First Nigeria Big Jubilee Lunch proudly support The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration on Sunday 3rd June, 2012


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  1. It was held at Oke-Agunla in Afa Community, Ita-Ogbolu, Akure North L.G. Ondo State of Nigeria.
    Ita-Ogbolu, a small Community in Akure does not exist. please take to correction.
    I was there as a participant.
    It was a big and such an interesting scene.

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