November’s Entry of the Month


November’s Entry of the Month by Judge Olusola Bamidele George


November’s Judges’ entry of the month as nominated by judge Olusola Bamidele George: 7th Aug 2011: Sports Acrobatics WA State Championships by Cassandra Cope in Australia

Each month we’re asking our judges to nominate their favourite entries for the title of ‘Judges’ entry of the month’.  November’s entry of the month was again chosen by judge Olusola Bamidele George from Nigeria.

Olusola is a Program Director at the African Citizen’s Empowerment Foundation and moderates JTC entries alongside his work there. Olusola explains his reasons for choosing the entry below:

“The reasons behind choosing this entry are: the determination of these young girls to win gold at the competition was commendable.  Taking into account that they were confident from the start of the competition, got nervous as they got into the middle of the competition, with the challenges ahead of them, having to enter into a competition with the opposite side, these girls were confident, determined, have gold in their mind and they put all they had to defeat their male counterpart and eventually won the gold medal.”

To see Cassandra’s entry, as chosen by Olusola, click here.

Judge Olusola Bamidele.




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